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Top Notch

After a recent tour of a number of optical boutiques in the Greater Cleveland area, I am pleased to say Europtical comes out on top by far. The entirety of the staff is incredibly pleasant and friendly, and devoted to helping find the right style for you (not just simply what's trendy or best selling) with honest opinions to boot (while still being kind, of course). The space is comfortable and very well lit with modern finishes, and everything is clearly and cleanly displayed.

In my case, I loved a frame, but a color that wasn't in stock - it was quickly ordered (from Spain!) with no issue, and it came to the store fast, and the glasses were made in a timely manner as well. Fit/finish/quality is top notch.

For those with discerning tastes in eyewear and an interest in the best service from exam to the final fitting of your new glasses, Europitcal should be on the top of your list!

- Sean N.