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COVID-19 Office Protocol

Mark Davis, O.D. & Staff

Guidelines are developed from CDC recommendations for infection control. Mark Davis, O.D. is the infection control officer and will be updating according to CDC recommendations.

  1. Protective gloves to be worn by all personal and changed between patients in which there is contact.
  2. CDC hand washing instructions demonstrated to all staff members.
  3. Medical grade hand sanitizer will be available for visitors. Staff members are instructed to sanitize hands after glove removal and place disposal items in an appropriate container.
  4. Mark Davis, O.D. will wear N-95 approved mask at patients request or if at risk
  5. Hard surfaces in contact with patients to be cleaned with medical grade disinfectant after each exam.
  6. Exam equipment to be disinfected between each patient with medical-grade disinfectant.
  7. Staff will have their temperature (thermal non-contact) measured daily prior to contact with patients and recorded. Staff members with a cough will be asked to return home for 24 hours and verify temperature.
  8. All staff members are to refrain from international travel, unless for family emergency. If staff members travel to a high-risk area they will be self-quarantined for 14 days.

** We kindly ask all patients and customers to call for pick up and selection of eyewear to avoid overcrowding of the office. Thank you for your understanding during these unusual times.

Washing Hands with Soap