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Integrative Optometry in Rocky River

Doctor and patient in eye exam

At Europtical, our eye doctor believes in embracing and practicing the best, most progressive approaches in healthcare! Dr. Mark Davis describes his expert eye care services as Integrative Optometry – in line with the type of medicine care called Integrative Medicine.

Integrative Medicine Explained

To understand the holistic eye care principles of Integrative Optometry, we need to begin with a basic understanding of Integrative Medicine. This approach pairs traditional medicine with other complementary treatments to care for your mind, body, and spirit. Along with a variety of medical treatments, healthy lifestyle habits and skills are also a primary part of integrative medicine.

This medical specialty combines the most effective treatments from a range of disciplines, resulting in a personalized health plan to meet your unique needs – physical and emotional. Your doctor will develop a close partnership with you and focus on providing noninvasive treatments, whenever possible. Together, you and your doctor will consider everything that affects your health, including your home and work environment.

Our Eye Doctor Practices Integrative Optometry

At Dr. Mark Davis’s Rocky River holistic eye care clinic, he will perform all the essential procedures that you require for sharp vision and quality eye health, including comprehensive eye exams and precise visual acuity testing. However, his type of eye care goes beyond the eyes and treats the whole body. Rather than simply treating ocular disease and vision conditions, our eye doctor will strive to understand all the factors contributing to your overall well-being. He will proactively seek to prevent and avoid illness or eye problems in the first place, by recommending changes to your diet and lifestyle. In addition to conventional medicine, we will explore other science-based treatments that could be beneficial to your health.

Prevention is a Part of Our Holistic Eye Care

By practicing integrative optometry, our Rocky River eye doctor works to mitigate risk factors and improve your overall wellness as a path to first-rate vision health. We will help you to implement changes in how you live and what you eat, as well as recommend various nutritional supplements that are known to be effective.

For example, when a patient presents with the beginnings of dry eyes, Dr. Davis doesn’t just prescribe medication. Yes, lubricating eye drops and ointments are useful and can alleviate the irritating symptoms. However, our eye doctor’s approach is more comprehensive. He will work to understand the environmental factors that contribute to dry eye syndrome, as well as ensure that the patient is getting the most appropriate combination of omega-3 vitamins that will reduce symptoms. In this way, he is both treating the problem and preventing it.

Eyes Show a View of Your Body Health

Did you know that your eyes are a barometer of overall health? That’s because many systemic problems will appear on your inner eye tissues and directly affect your vision. Dr. Davis is committed to making sure you see as clearly as possible AND live as healthy a lifestyle as possible.

To benefit from the personalized approach of integrative optometry and receive expert guidance from our Rocky River eye doctor, schedule a consultation at Europtical today! We serve many new and returning patients from Rocky River, Lakewood, Avon, Westlake, and Kamm’s Corner, OH.